Reflections on Cop-15 call out for articles

Dear All…….

The Cop 15 round of discussion ended somewhat predictably with no resolutions or commitments to carbon reduction, yet outside the Bella Centre, activists from horizontal movements, N.G.Os and State representatives from the Global South opened up a space for dialogue that sought to challenge the power relationships implicit in the ‘official discourse’. If ‘Horizontalism’ was the dominant political formation of the preceding alter-globalisation movement, what possibilities for systemic change, if any, does the emergent ‘diagonalism’ (the co-operation between state actors, NGOs and horizontals) offer? Conversely what risks does such co-operation pose the autonomous movements for climate justice?

With these and other questions in mind, we are asking for contributions to evaluate the impact on the movements after Copenhagen. We welcome articles from individuals, collectives, NGOs, Unions and political groups. These can take the form of personal reflections, action reports and analysis.We also welcome art/graphic contributions. We are going to print in the first week of April 2010 and the deadline for copy must be March 29th. Articles must be between 2000-5000 word maximum (although this can be negotiated). Please send contributions to –

We look forward to your participation,

Notes from Below Collective.


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